Overview of Testing

All tests and the final exam use WebAssign. Tests are 75 minutes in length (final exam 135 minutes), and WebAssign will time you automatically from the moment you download the test.

Phone usage is not permitted in the testing center. However the testing centers do have calculators that you can borrow if you need a calculator and don't have one. So if you are accustomed to using your smart phone as your calculator, be aware that you can't do that in the testing center. Either take a separate calculator or borrow one from the testing center.
Bring whatever you like to the test except for phones (books, notes, calculator, scrap paper, etc.). Use of the row operations tool is essential for the first and second tests, and the matrix tool is optional for the first test and very helpful for the final exam. Links will be provided to these tools at the top of the test/exam. 

Note: The use of external websites and search engines is tightly controlled at the DELTA testing centers.  Many external websites and tools have been "white listed" and can be used by students, but they can only be accessed if students have a direct link or if they know the exact web address of the white listed website/tool.  See the "Tools" section below for more information about use of external websites/tools.

Make a note of your score on the test (the grade of your final submission) before you leave the test room. You will not be able to see your test after your time has expired.

Test Logistics and Location

The DE Proctoring Service provides two locations for students to take tests and the final exam. These locations are described at the DE Proctoring Service web site

IMPORTANT:  Starting this semester (Spring 2019), all testing at the DE testing centers is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Make sure that you access the DE Proctoring website above and sign up for your tests and exam as soon as possible to avoid scheduling issues.  Note that you are required to take each test and the exam within the given test/exam window.

If you live more than 50 miles from campus, you may attempt to negotiate special arrangements for taking tests without coming to campus. If you wish to pursue this option you should see the remote testing page at DE Proctoring the first week of class. That page will give you a deadline for submitting a remote proctor for the approval of the DE Proctoring Service. Once your remote proctor has been arranged, you will need to inform the instructor that you will be taking your tests with a remote proctor.

Accommodations for students with disabilities: If you require testing accommodations through the Disability Resource Office, please see this page for more information.  It is your responsibility to review this page carefully and fill out any required online forms before the given deadlines.  Additionally, please contact the instructor and Jenn directly via email alerting them to these accommodation requests so that they are aware.

The computers at DE Proctoring the computers are Windows desktop computers. You will want some time to get accustomed to your computer and to get logged into the NCSU Unity computing environment. When you report to the DE Proctoring Service for a test, allow time to find parking.

Whereas you are allowed up to 50 submissions on WebAssign homework, you are allowed only 3 submissions on the tests. (This means that you can submit each question up to 3 times.) These submissions must be used BEFORE time expires for the test. Make sure you know when your deadline is for finishing the test, and carefully monitor your time during the test.

WebAssign does not warn you when time is running out. If you wait too late to attempt your submission, your submission will be rejected.

The Tests are Just Like Homework

All assignments, tests, and final exam are done using WebAssign. The homework assignments may be done at home or anywhere you choose. The tests and final exam will be given on the NCSU campus at designated times. On homework assignments you are allowed up to 50 submissions for each question, and on tests and the final exam each question can be submitted up to 3 times.

The format of the tests will be similar to the WebAssignments used for homework except that you will have limited time (usually 75 minutes) and you will be limited to 3 submissions for each question.

The final exam will have the same format as the tests, will be 135 minutes in length, and will cover the entire course with special emphasis on Part 6 of the course which is not included on any of the three tests.

Many of the questions on the tests and exam will be very similar to problems you have encountered previously in the WebAssignments.


Technically we do not restrict your use of any websites in this course.  However, the testing centers are used by students in many different classes and use of external websites in those other classes is often discouraged.  For this reason, the testing centers keep very tight control over which external websites may be accessed while students are taking tests/exams. 

There is a process where instructors can request that the testing centers "white list" particular websites for students.  In other words, some websites can be specifically authorized for use by students. Any websites mentioned below are known to be "white listed" and should therefore work at the testing centers.  BE WARNED that you must know the EXACT web address exactly as it is written below, otherwise you may have trouble accessing it.  For example, if you simply try to access the main desmos page instead of going directly to the desmos graphing calculator page (www.desmos.com/calculator) you will receive a warning that this page is not allowed.

Note: The only "official" tools supported in this class are the matrix tool and the row operations tool. Links to those tools can be found at the top of each test/exam. Whatever other things such as calculators or websites you may choose to use are used at your own risk

Optional tools: Students often ask about optional tools to use to help with graphing in Part 2 of the course.  If you have a graphing calculator that you depend on, you are welcome to use it with your WebAssignment homework as well as during tests at the DE Proctoring Center.

As mentioned above, the computers in the testing centers do not allow access to external websites unless they have been specifically authorized. A few websites are permitted, including the following ones ...
You cannot find these via searching at the testing centers, but if you type them in exactly as shown here, they should work.

Important: The websites listed above are not required, recommended, or supported. They are simply available for "use at your own risk" for students who think they might be useful.