WebAssign Status

The situation at WebAssign continues to be erratic. Not everyone is experiencing the same issues. And occasionally the problem is exacerbated by bad info stored in your browser cache because of earlier WebAssign malfunctions. For example, I normally use Google Chrome. A few moments ago Chrome wasn't working at all with WebAssign, but when I tried Firefox, Firefox worked fine. So that prompted me to clear the cache in Chrome, and then Chrome worked fine with WebAssign.

I don't have a recipe that's going to guarantee everyone success at this point. I have now reset all due dates for the remainder of this week. The Part 2 WebAssignments now have due dates on Monday of next week. This is going to cause a backlog of work for those who delay doing any work at all. So I urge you to continue chipping away at your WebAssignments when WebAssign is available. Maybe this weekend will see things clearing up. But at least I'm removing "due dates" as an immediate concern.

Do keep me informed of what it's like out there in the trenches. Hopefully this will all be cleared up completely within a day or so. At the moment (6:45 PM Wednesday) WebAssign seems to be functioning normally. But all we can do is keep our fingers crossed, and peck away at it when the going is good.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013