First Test Location

As you can see on the class calendar, the window for the first test is February 11-14. I got the following note yesterday from the DE Proctoring Center ...
We have just been informed that required annual maintenance will be performed at Cox Hall February 11-12 and we will therefore be closed on those two days.  Please inform your students that they will need to come to our Venture II location on Centennial Campus for testing. Our hours will be 8 am - 6:45 pm. 
The message from the DE Proctoring Center also included the parking code for the parking deck on Centennial Campus. Since that is confidential information, I will send that you you via a WebAssign Notification using your Unity e-mail account. So check your NCSU e-mail for the parking code and save that info for test time in February.

Wednesday, January  15, 2014