Spring Semester 2020

Welcome to MA 114 from Dr. Lavon Page
Dr. Page taught this course for 20 years and is the voice
behind the majority of the class videos

Important:  Not all of the course content is visible if you are viewing the course website using the "mobile view."  If you are viewing the course website using a mobile device, please make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and "view web version" so that you get the full course experience!

MA 114 (Introduction to Finite Math) has been offered as an online course at NCSU since the fall semester of 1997. During that period, more than 5,500 students have taken the class. The course was created and managed by Dr. Lavon Page for 20 years.  After the Fall 2017 semester Dr. Page officially retired from teaching the course but has graciously allowed the NCSU Mathematics Department to continue offering the online course using his materials.  In Spring 2020 the online course is being taught by Sangeeta Warrier with teaching assistance being provided by Jenn Burt. (See the Contact Us tab for more information about Sangeeta and Jenn.)

Students take this class from distant places. This student
 took the class while stationed in Kosovo.